Mobilicity Restructures Monthly Rate Plans, Giving Customers Less Selection and Limited Data Speeds

Mobilicity Logo.jpg

Mobilicity has announced plans to restructure its monthly rate plans, which will give customers less selection, limited data speeds, and a reduced amount of roaming time.

The Canadian carrier previously offered four rate plans, however the company is now only going to sell three of them. Mobilicity has limited the highest tier $55 per month plan that offered unlimited data, call, and text. The newly restructured program showcases $25, $35, and $45 per month plans.

The $25 per month plan offers users unlimited talk and text, in addition to other features like caller ID and call forwarding. The $35 per month plan includes unlimited calling, unlimited texts (limited to North America), and unlimited data. However, the $35 per month plan now throttles data speeds after 2GB of usage.

The $45 per month plan is the same as the $35 per month plan, except for the fact that it doesn’t start throttling data until the user hits 6GB of usage. The $45 per month plan is the only one to include 30 minutes of roaming, down from 60 minutes, in North America.

[via MobileSyrup]