Tesla Should Focus Model Y Deliveries in Quebec to Take Advantage of Incentives

As the delivery date for the new Tesla Model Y nears, the Elon Musk-helmed electric vehicle company may want to focus deliveries in Canada — especially Quebec — where generous EV benefits could influence potential buyers.

Earlier this year the Canadian government announced an incentive allowing Canadians up to a $5,000 CAD rebate off the price of an eligible electric or hybrid electric vehicle, reads a new report from EV-centric blog Electrek.

For the upcoming Model 3, Tesla had to adapt its pricing structure according as to give potential buyers access to the federal government rebate program at purchase due to an existing limit on the MSRP.

In Quebec, potential buyers have access to up to an EV-incentivising $8,000 CAD rebate. However, the program is changing starting April 1 where the MSRP limit for the full $8,000 CAD credit drops to $60,000.

According to the current prices listed for the upcoming Model Y in Canada, the EV will not be eligible for the full Quebec incentive. As such, Tesla would be wise to speed up delivery in the coming months to take advantage of the remaining time for the Quebec incentive.

“Normally, when Tesla first launches a new vehicle, deliveries are going to the US, but the automaker has also been known to focus production for a specific market when it is about to lose EV incentives, like in the Netherlands during the last quarter,” reads the report.

For Canadians — especially those in Quebec — in the market for a Tesla, one can only hope that Tesla focuses in this specific market. And soon.