Netflix Canada: Almost 1m Subscribers in 10 Months, Exclusive Facebook Integration Soon

Netflix has released their 2011 Q2 earnings today, and in their shareholder release details were given regarding the performance of Netflix Canada. In ten months, the service is up to 967,000 subscribers as of June 30th, along with $18.9-million US in revenue from Canada.

During their Q1 earnings, they announced passing 800,000 users in seven months.

New features recently include their Canadian French support, and plans for new content (which is badly needed). As of now, Netflix expects a $1 million contribution loss and a $1 million contribution profit in Q3 by the time their first anniversary in Canada comes around.

The company noted this week, every episode of AMC’s Mad Men will be available in syndication exclusively on Netflix. More seasons will be added once they complete their run on TV. Let’s hope this applies to Netflix Canada as well (we already have access to seasons 1-3).

Facebook Integration to Launch in Canada and Latin America Only

Canadians will be the first to get a taste of Facebook integration with Netflix. They explained the VPPA (Video Privacy Protection Act) prevents the company from launching domestically in the USA for now. So that’s a ‘plus one’ for Canada, folks.

At only $7.99/month, Netflix Canada offers fantastic value for the content available, and for the sheer number of devices it can be watched on (all iOS devices, Apple TV, XBOX, PS3, Wii, Mac/PC). The Netflix iPhone app was also just updated to support users on iOS 5.

The library still needs to grow with better titles in order to capture a larger piece of the Canadian market. Netflix has supported its Canadian users by offering various bandwidth options to tackle data caps, was recently declared it wasn’t an online broadcaster by the CRTC, and has hired lobbyists to support its Canadian expansion.

Click here to sign up for Netflix Canada–the first month is free.

Are you still watching Netflix? I know lots of Canadians have quit cable due to Netflix and other means of watching TV online.

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