Netflix Launches New Mobile Previews on iOS App

Netflix has today announced the introduction of all new ‘mobile previews’, which offer a simple and easy way to learn about all the new content on the video streaming platform. Launching today on iOS and coming soon to Android, the new mobile previews are about 30 seconds long and presented in a vertical format, allowing users to watch them without turning their phones.

Mobile previews blog image 1

Netflix mobile previews are shown like a slideshow in the iOS app. If you see something you like, you can tap play or add to your list. If not, you can swipe or tap the screen to advance to the next preview. The previews load almost instantly, are personalized to each user’s specific taste, and are fun to use.

Here’s what Netflix says about the new mobile previews:

“Years of testing has made it clear that video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly. With the launch of mobile previews, we are bringing a video browse experience to your mobile phone in a fun and mobile-optimized way. We hope you like using this new feature and that mobile previews help you find your next favorite show!”

The feature is rolling out now for Netflix iOS users around the world.