Netflix Launches ‘My List’ Queue Feature in Canada and Beyond

Netflix today has announced the introduction of a new “My List” feature in Canada and beyond, which allows users to save titles to their own rows within their library. The rollout of this feature takes place today and will reach its worldwide members within the next two weeks. Netflix explains on their blog how the new feature will work:

Adding titles to “My List” is easy. Simply click “Add To My List” when viewing the details of a title on Netflix. You can add titles from all Netflix devices and your List appears across devices. You’ll see My List as a row, but you can also view your list in more detail in a gallery view.

After you’ve added several titles to your list, our technology will go to work and sort your List, presenting you with the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front. In our tests, most members really appreciated this automated sorting and it was much more useful than the manual sorting capability of the Instant Queue.

Below is an image of My List outlined in blue:

US My list

Under your My Account screen (on the web), users will be able to manually order their own list. Titles within your List will also now have more information, such as when new seasons are available or when titles will soon be no longer available due to streaming rights expiring.

This feature has been requested for a while now by Netflix and its users. Great addition.

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