Netflix Unleashes Highest Quality ‘Super HD’ to All Members [VIDEO]

Back in January Netflix announced its Netflix Open Connect delivery network and participating partners to allow high quality ‘Super HD’ streams to 1080p televisions plus devices such as the Apple TV 3.

It was initially revealed TELUS, Teksavvy in the GTA, Rogers, MTS, Bell FibreOP in Halifax and Novus had partnered with Netflix and their delivery network.

Now, Netflix has announced it’s available to everyone, regardless of your internet service provider. There are now 33 million members worldwide streaming 1 billion hours per month, making up one-third of peak bandwidth in the USA:

All Netflix members, regardless of their Internet service provider (ISP), now have access to the highest quality HD streams available on Netflix.

This means that the great TV shows and movies on Netflix will look even better on HD screens with a higher bit rate stream, Super HD, that applies less compression to the 1080p image.

Netflix implements ‘adaptive streaming’ which means it will dynamically adjust quality based on available bandwidth and says those with an ISP as part of the Open Connect network will get the best experience. ‘Super HD’ will appear on titles that will support the highest quality feature, as seen in our image above on the Apple TV.

Click here to sign up for Netflix–it’s $7.99/month and the first month is free.