New 16GB iPhone Released by Apple!

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There were rumors of a 16GB iPhone a couple days ago, and as of Tuesday afternoon the speculation became a reality! Apple has announced a new high capacity 16GB iPhone for $499US, and a 32GB iPod Touch for $499US as well. The hardware for both devices has remained unchanged, and the 16GB iPhone will most likely be running 1.1.3 firmware. It’s available for purchase now online.

This is great news for 1st time iPhone owners in the USA…but not for us Canadians since the iPhone has not been announced in Canada yet. I would expect auctions on eBay to increase with people selling their 4GB and 8GB models to upgrade.


Personally, I haven’t even filled up my 8GB yet, so another 8GB would be nice, but definitely not worth the money to upgrade. You can’t fit your entire music collection/movies on the iPhone anyways, so I have no problem with syncing and transferring data back and forth.

Looking to Buy an iPhone in Canada?

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