New Front Panel Suggests 4.1-Inch Display For Next-Generation iPod touch & iPhone

In a new parts leak this morning, a purported front panel for the next-generation iPod touch reveals a 4.1-inch display that may be used for the next-generation iPod touch.

Due to the similarities of the iPod touch and iPhone, this part leak further suggests that the next-generation iPhone may also see a 4.1-inch display.

While recent rumors have suggested a 4-inch display for the next iPhone (and presumably the next iPod touch), the size of the display in today’s report is within range of existing rumors. In other words, the next-generation iPod touch and iPhone may have at least a 4-inch display.

There has also been additional evidence* found that proves the above images are real and are not renders. This further indicates that we may actually see a larger iPhone and iPod touch display later this year.

[via Mac Rumors]

*Thanks Mike!