New Gas Savings App Calculates If You Should Drive Across Border or Not to Fuel Up [u]


A new Android app developed by Coquitlam man Gilson Tsang tells you if going south of the border is worth it or not. Called “Worth the Drive,” the app crunches numbers including round-trip distance, vehicle fuel efficiency, travel time, currency conversion, and local and U.S. gas prices to tell a driver if he’ll save money or not (via Global News).

“Last night, I thought, ‘Why am I building this app, who am I building this for?’ And this morning I woke up, and I looked across at my neighbour and she has a jerrycan filling up her car,” Tsang said.

“I know she has kids, I know she has a very busy life … this app is for her,” he said.

The developer says that he makes the 80-km round trip from Coquitlam to Blaine about twice a month, and the app saves him close to $100 per month.

Tsang said the app has been available for about a week in Google Play and has been downloaded about 200 times so far.

He says he’s already working on an iPhone version, although it will be some time before it hits the App Store.

Update May 4, 2019: There is now an iPhone version for download in the App Store of a similar app.