New Shakepay Visa Card Offers Bitcoin Cashback, Sign Up Get $10 Free

Shakepay card visa

Montreal-based Shakepay offers Canadians a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. On Wednesday, the company announced a new Shakepay Visa card to allow users to “spend dollars, earn bitcoin”.

“We’re extremely excited to announce the Shakepay Card with bitcoin cashback on everything you buy. Swipe your card and all bitcoin cashback will be settled to your Shakepay bitcoin balance and will be separate from your Shakepay Card balance,” said Jean Amiouny, Shakepay CEO, in an email.

The Shakepay Card will let you spend your dollar balance at any Visa terminal, both online and at physical stores. By doing so, you’ll earn Bitcoin to your Shakepay account, which can be fully managed via the company’s mobile app.

Currently, the Shakepay Card has an early access waitlist users can join, within the new ‘card’ icon in the app’s latest update. Shakepay says to move up the waitlist by sending money to a friend or shaking the app for free Satoshis (maximum shaking streaks can be worth $50 or so free per month in bitcoin).

Shakepay card

The Shakepay Visa prepaid card is issued by the Peoples Trust Company, based in Vancouver.

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