Next Generation Apple TV Codename Revealed as J33?

Details of the next generation Apple TV have been uncovered in the latest code strings within today’s newly released iOS 5.1 beta. 9to5Mac notes the codename J33 represents the next Apple TV:

As you can see above, the new Apple TV is rocking a the J33 codename, the second JXX product we’ve seen from Apple. The first was the J2 – a new iPad – that we discovered just last week. Apple’s iPad 2 almost reached the peak of Apple’s KXX options with the CDMA version dubbed as K95, so Apple’s move to JXX nomenclature is something that would have to happen sooner or later

The current second generation Apple TV sports the A4 processor found in the iPhone 4. With the latest dual-core A5 deep within the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, a logical step would be to include this hardware upgrade in the next version of the Apple TV to support further capabilities such as 1080p playback.

The second generation Apple TV launched in September of last year. It’s been over a year and no hardware refresh has hit shelves, although Apple has been consistent with numerous software updates to introduce new features and address bugs. Rumours have also been rampant of an actual physical TV being released by Apple next year.