Nomad Starts Producing Medical Supplies to Fight COVID-19

Nomad iphone clearnroom

California-based Nomad makes a variety of popular accessories for Apple products and more, and now the company has announced it has started to utilize its vast supply chain to make medical supplies to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the medical supply chain for critical supplies has been pushed beyond capacity. In response to sudden and unprecedented need, Nomad has reprioritized our operations to provide medical supplies, like face masks, to those fighting this pandemic. We’re beginning to take orders today. Any profit from this operation will be donated to fight against COVID-19,” explains the company in an email to iPhone in Canada.

The first product being made are disposable 3-layer facemasks, (isolation masks or medical procedure masks). Priority will be given first to medical professionals, then first responders and then essential businesses.

Nomad says they have “developed a robust supply chain that fulfills thousands of orders around the world each week. We are taking advantage of our system to quickly move medical supplies from our Asian and North American warehouses to frontline responders globally.”

Nomad says its iPhone case factory has constructed a dedicated cleanroom to produce facemasks, which are available immediately at $0.375 USD each ($0.54 CAD after exchange). These masks are expected to gain FDA approval in the “coming weeks”, but they are currently approved in Europe, Taiwan and China, explains the company.

“We operate a warehouse in Hong Kong, allowing for quick processing and shipping of supplies directly to frontline responders. Our goal is to provide masks to those who need them most at the lowest cost possible,” adds the company.

Company founders Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn said in a statement, “we’re driven by the call to serve, and not by profit, and we will take every measure possible to streamline the delivery of highly needed medical equipment at the lowest cost and fastest way possible while determining allocation based on medical need. We will be donating any profit to help fight against COVID-19.”