Nomad Slim Wallet Launches with Integrated Tile Slim

Nomad has announced the new Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking, which is their slim wallet that includes a special slot for the included Tile Slim tracker, to help you locate your lost wallet with ease. A single Tile Slim retails for $40 CAD alone.

Nomad tile slim wallet

The Slim Wallet, with its American-made Horween leather, can hold up to 15 cards and a hidden pocket stores the Tile Slim, plus it has two cash pockets. The minimalist design will developer a rugged patina over time.

Tile trackers utilize crowdsourcing for you to locate your lost wallet, which you can do with the Tile iOS app.

The new Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking is available for order at $79.95 USD on Nomad’s website.