You Can Now Open Microsoft Office Documents Directly from Files in iOS

As pointed out by the folks over at MacStories, Microsoft has today updated its Office suite for iOS, taking Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all to version 2.12, and has added support for opening Office documents directly from the native Files app, among other enhancements and stability improvements. The update replaces the ‘Copy to’ with the more convenient ‘Open in’ option in the iOS share sheet.

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It seems that even though accessing Excel or PowerPoint documents in Files will initially load Quick Look previews and require tapping ‘Open in’ from the share sheet, the experience gets better with time as iOS learns which apps you frequently open documents in. Any subsequent Office documents you open in Files will then directly launch in the Word, Excel or Pages app with just a single tap, without having you to open the share sheet first.

“In any case though, whether a Files document opens in its correct app with a single tap, or you use the share sheet and ‘Open in’ first, this is still a huge improvement for Office users. Previously any documents stored in Files would need to be accessed by going to either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, tapping the ‘More’ button in the ‘Open’ menu, then locating the file from there.

Now, iOS users can go straight to the Files app, locate the appropriate document, and open it directly with only a tap or two.

You can grab the updated versions for all Microsoft Office for iOS apps in the App Store for free.