Ottawa Ignores Concerns Over Huawei’s Research Activities in Canada

According to a report by The Globe and Mail, the Canadian government is ignoring the security concerns raised by senior lawmakers on U.S. congressional intelligence committees, who have warned that Huawei is a national-security threat to the intelligence-sharing network of Canada’s allies.


The Chinese smartphone maker, which has set up key research facilities in the country for the development of its next-gen 5G mobile technology, came under fire over fears of potential backdoors in its products earlier this year as well, with American and former Canadian security officials voicing strong opposition to the company.

Jim Balsillie, the former co-chief executive of RIM, has shown particular concern over Canada’s support to Huawei to become a global telecom superpower. Meanwhile, NDP MP Nathan Cullen also accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government of staying silent on Huawei on Monday for fear of upsetting China.

“Simply shrugging and giving non-answers is not going to give Canadians or our security partners in Australia or the U.S., or others … any assurance that Canada takes security at all seriously,” Mr. Cullen said.

“Our other Five-Eyes partners are raising legitimate concerns and in Canada, members of Parliament can’t get any answers from our own government.”

Mr. Cullen said Canada needs to have a public debate over whether Huawei should be allowed to supply equipment for Canada’s 5G mobile networks.

On the other hand, a major public debate is taking place in Australia, one of Canada’s Five Eyes intelligence sharing allies, over banning the Chinese telecom giant from its 5G mobile networks.