Ottawa Says Uber Continues to Play by the Rules After Becoming Legal

The city of Ottawa updated its taxi bylaw to make room for ride-sharing apps six months ago. Roger Chapman, manager of bylaw and regulatory services for the city, said the company has met all of the bylaw requirements since becoming licensed.

Uber has provided the city of Ottawa with daily data, including valid driver’s licenses, criminal record checks, and driving reports. Chapman says that the city is not aware of any complaints from the public regarding safety or any violations committed by Uber Canada.

Given that less than 10 percent of the city’s population lives in the downtown core, Uber is a vital service for a majority of the population. More than 1.4 million trips have originated from Ottawa’s downtown core alone.

As of March 31, there were about 3,300 active Uber drivers in the city of Ottawa.

[via The Ottawa Citizen]