Over a Third of Facebook’s Users Only Access The Social Network From a Mobile Device


Today, Facebook had its earnings call where the company revealed some statistics about how its users access the social network.

The company revealed that half a billion users, which is over one-third of all Facebook users, access the social network using only a mobile device. This represents an increase of 26 percent year-over-year of mobile-only monthly active Facebook users to a total of 1.19 billion.

Looking at the numbers, we can see that 37.8 percent of all Facebook users never log in to the desktop site to access the social network. The number includes those visiting via the app or mobile website, but doesn’t include Instagram or WhatsApp.

paper by facebook.jpeg

The social network also reported that the company made $3.59 billion from advertising in the fourth quarter of 2014. Out of that total, 69 percent came from mobile ads rather than their desktop counterparts.

“Facebook and companies like it have been working hard to figure out how to adjust and make mobile ads that will actually click. The latest of Facebook’s mobile experiments is a platform launched in October that lets brands tap into the social giant’s vast troves of user data to advertise to Facebook users while they’re in other apps.”

Do you use Facebook more on your mobile device or from your web browser on your desktop? Let us know in the comments below.

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