Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro to Launch in Canada

Owl Labs has revealed that its Meeting Owl Pro video conferencing camera is making its way to Canada.

Announced today, Owl Labs has said that its Meeting Owl Pro camera is available in Canada. The Somerville, Massachusetts-based company specializing in video conferencing cameras have developed a compact device featuring a 360-degree camera.

The Meeting Owl Pro camera system also features a microphone, speakers, and is able to capture video in 1080p resolution with a radius of over 5 meters. Additionally, the Meeting Owl Pro’s proprietary intelligence system is able to identify who in a room is speaking and focus audio and visual on that speaker.

Currently, Owl Labs’ products are reportedly used by companies such as Home Depot, SoulCycle, Ro, Ogilvy, Andela, RXBAR and over 35,000 other companies across the globe.

Alongside the plan to expand into Canada, Owl Labs conducted a survey to gain an understanding of the current climate in regards to remote work in the country. Based on the findings through 800 participants:

  • 61% of respondents are currently working from home. 74% of that percent have been working remotely for 3 months or less.
  • Over 70% expect their companies to provide services, and video conferencing tools to employees for remote work use.
    Based on the average answer, 40% of meetings are conducted via video conferencing with Zoom being a preferred platform.
  • 53% of respondents recognized that they have 2-5 meetings per day on average. Meanwhile, 26% say they have 3-8 meetings a day.
  • Post Covid-19, 56% of respondents have shown the desire to continue working remotely either full time or several days of the week. However, 12% wish to never do it again.

Given that many members of various businesses are now working remotely, using different tools and software to conduct meetings, Owl Labs believes the Meeting Owl Pro can successfully meet the needs of users in need of an all-in-one video conferencing device.

Owl Labs CEO Frank Weishaupt has said that “increased demand from the Canadian marketplace coupled with the world beginning its return to work felt like the right time for us to offer our Meeting Owl Pro to this growing market.” Weishaupt continued to say: “The workplace as we know it will forever be changed. Remote work has become a part of our everyday lives, making it paramount that all employees, remote or in person, are able to have an equal ability to be effective.”

The Meeting Owl Pro is now available for $1,399 CAD.