PAX Launches Web App Following Apple’s Ban of Vaping Apps

Last year, Apple pulled all vaping apps from the App Store amid growing reports of deaths and injuries related to the smoking product. However, the move hasn’t deterred PAX as the company has just launched a web app that lets users control PAX 3 and Era-series cannabis pens from their computers via Bluetooth (via Engadget).

Pax app

Using the PAX web app, you can adjust the temperature, manage doses, lock access, learn more about pods and also adjust the LEDs and haptic feedback.

The app is, however, only useful when you are indoors and close to a computer although it won’t be much of a problem these days as most areas are still subject to pandemic lockdowns.

The larger issue may be the (currently) incomplete support. Mac users need to use Chrome for the “ultimate experience” across PAX vapes, while Windows users will have to make do with the Era Pro. Don’t think you’ll get a flawless experience on the web, then.

According to the CDC, e-cigarettes are associated with numerous reports of lung injuries affecting thousands in the U.S., resulting in at least 42 deaths in 2019.