PayPal Mobile Payments Library Available for iOS Developers

Are you an iOS developer that wants a better way to integrate in-app payments? PayPal has now setup their Mobile Payments Library to make it easier for developers.

Here’s a brief description:

With our mobile libraries, you can start accepting in-app payments in a matter of minutes. As always, you can use the library for simple one-time payments. However, you can also use it for more advanced payments where the payment needs to be split between multiple recipients. You can even use the library to have buyers pre-approve payments so that you can schedule future or recurring payments on your own.

The library is available for the iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.x and 4.x) and Android (OS 1.5 and higher). To get started, download the library package which will include the library, documentation, and the source code for a sample app.

This will make PayPal purchasing much easier for customers, helping to streamline more sales. You can download the iPhone Library here.

[PayPal X Developer Network]