Pebble Set to Double Revenues in 2014, Sold 400,000 Units Last Year

In a recent interview with Fortune, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky has revealed that his company sold 400,000 smartwatches since its launch in January 2013. Estimating $60 million in revenues for that time frame, it is believed that the company will make twice last year’s revenue in 2014.

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Pebble investor George Zachary said that with over 1,000 Pebble apps available and 12,000 registered developers, “it’s my fastest-growing company ever.” The company has now grown to 70 employees, up from 45 this January, and has recently added two new members to the management including former Apple executive Jeff Hyman, who will act as general counsel. Former Jawbone VP Marin Tchakarov will serve as CFO. 

Migicovsky shared that for now, he is more worried about making his products better than Google shaking up the market.

We’re exploring technologies that could help boost Pebble’s week-long battery life further and keeping tabs on newer screen displays, particularly ones made from flexible materials. “My dream watch would be something that is just screen, but we’re going to live with reality for a little while,” he says. Migicovsky also looks forward to a day when Pebble becomes more than an early-adopter digital accessory, when the watch can act as a central controller to some of the user’s other devices: their car, items in their home and on their body.

While admitting that android-based devices will likely make wearables much more competitive, Pebble CEO said that his company will innovate to the point where “if other people compete with us, they would have to do it on our terms.”