Petition Rogers to Consider Early Upgrades for iPhone 3GS

Did you just read our Rogers/Fido iPhone 3GS Upgrade Policy Guide? The following post might be of interest to you!

Right now if you’re looking to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS from the iPhone 3G, you are in for a bit of a wait like we posted earlier. Rogers recently changed their smartphone hardware upgrade (HUP) policy which directly affects current iPhone 3G owners looking to upgrade to the 3GS.

Rogers has stated that they will be offering “no-contract” prices for the iPhone 3GS. But one begs the question, “why not let us upgrade now?” That’s a great question and we’d love to have Rogers address some of our concerns.

Petitions to Bring Forward the Message of Early iPhone 3GS Upgrades

It’s now YOUR turn to get your voice heard. Let Rogers know how you feel about their existing hardware upgrade policy. We have created two online petitions for you to sign:

1) Click here to visit the twitter petition via Twitition.

2) Not on twitter? Click here to sign this regular online petition.

Can petitions bring change? Yes they can, if you take a look back in time. Our participation and involvement last year helped raise awareness regarding Rogers iPhone data plans/pricing. Make your voice heard and sign the petitions today!