Pokemon GO Vancouver Meet Up in July Has 1,300+ People Going

Earlier we told you about a planned Pokemon GO meet up at the CN Tower in Toronto (over 2,000 people going), and now we must inform you of a similar meet up happening in Vancouver.

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According to the Pokemon GO: Vancouver Meet Up page on Facebook, ‘trainers’ are to meet up on July 23 starting at 2PM, at Stanley Park. So far, over 1,300 people have committed to attending the event, with over 4,000 “interested”:

Whether you are part of Valor, Mystic, or Instinct – come on out to Stanley Park so we can catch some Pokémon!

Tips: Bring mosquito repellent + a friend with an unlimited data plan + a portable charging device + pokéballs.

This location was chosen because it seems to be the best open area where we would not be loitering (not to mention the triple lure spot!). The only downside is that there is no wifi.. so invite those friends with that Wind mobile data plan.

As for the recommendation of using WIND Mobile, one commenter responded “I’m on Wind so my phone won’t work because Wind is garbage and is worse than 56k dialup.” Ouch.

That day happens to also coincide with the Celebration of Light, an International fireworks competition which draws hundreds of thousands of people to English Bay, so it will be busy in the downtown core. Hope you have back up battery packs ready…