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PlayStation Now May 2022 Free Downloads: Naruto Shippuden, Soulcalibur VI, and More

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Sony has just revealed the selection of free games PlayStation Now subscribers will be getting access to starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, which includes Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Soulcalibur VI, and Blasphemous.

PS Now

PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming service from Sony that lets users stream a vast library of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 games directly to their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, or PC.

Sony has also announced that its PlayStation Now service will be changing in June, merging with PlayStation Plus in an all-new PlayStation Plus membership service that provides more choice to customers across three membership tiers.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Battle it out in epic matches in this 3D fighter set in the world of Naruto. Enjoy a totally revamped battle system whether you’re tackling single-player Story mode, taking on friends in one on one clashes, or challenging the world’s best players online.

Soulcalibur VI

A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold. The weapon-based fighting classic returns with all-new battle mechanics and an assortment of game modes. Dig into the history of the series with single-player Story mode, take on all comers in the multiplayer Online mode and create your own legendary fighter in Creation mode.


Blasphemous is a punishing action-platformer that combines the fast-paced, skilled combat of a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core, delivered through exploration of a huge universe composed of non-linear levels. Explore this nightmarish world and discover its many secrets hidden deep inside.

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