Purported ‘iPhone 5’ Engineering Sample Surfaces [PICS]

The folks over at Gotta Be Mobile have posted purported images of an engineering sample for the next generation iPhone 5:

Exclusive photos of an iPhone 5 engineering sample straight from a factory in China show the new phone will be slightly taller, slightly thinner and about the same width.

A trusted source inside the Apple supply chain sent images of the metal iPhone 5 design sample. The metal block shows the size of the iPhone 5, where the antenna and ports will be be and other design aspects.

Honestly, this metal block looks like it was machined in a high school metal shop. However, if true it could further support former claims the web has heard of a taller iPhone. It’s similar in design to photos posted before by 9to5Mac of two-toned metal backs, which just don’t really scream Apple to me but does add to the story: