Quebec Coroner Wants Driving with Cell Phone Fatalities Considered Crimes

According to Quebec coroner, Michel Ferland, traffic fatalities or injuries caused by using a cell phone while driving should be considered a crime, urging the Federal government to amend the Criminal Code, reports CBC News.

Ferland detailed recommendations in the release of his report on a 28-year old Laval man, who died earlier this year due to a crash on Highway 13. Jimmy Brunet-Rotondo’s vehicle did not slow down fast enough and crashed into a truck ahead of him.

The coroner’s report believes Brunet-Rotondo was distracted at the time, as no tire marks were on the road and witnesses noted his vehicle did not brake prior to impact. Moreover, phone records noted he had posted to Facebook five minutes before the crash, while his cell phone was discovered on the floor of the truck’s passenger side.

Ferland wants to grant more authority to police to seize information from phones prove distracted driving in court, while also recommending more police resources to battle cell phone use while driving.

In Quebec, driving laws prohibit holding your cell phone in your hand, while behind the wheel, with fines ranging from $80-100 and four demerit points (you’re not allowed to use your Apple Watch either).

What do you think? Should distracted driving with a cell phone causing injury or death be considered a crime?