Quebec Government and Uber Strike a Deal on Bill 100


The Quebec government has reportedly come to an agreement with the ride-sharing company Uber. The agreement would see the government amend Bill 100 in order to give Uber more time to present a pilot project.

Bill 100 currently proposes to force Uber drivers to acquire Class 4C driver’s licences and costly taxi permits. An amendment to the bill could potentially delay its application for three months. In a statement, Transport Minister Jacques Daoust said:

“We want to give ourselves a chance to be innovative and to face up to this reality of the 21st century.”

In a statement, head of Uber Quebec Jean-Nicolas Guillemette said:

“Evolution of [Uber’s] approach in the last few weeks is proof of our deep desire to serve Quebecers.”

Uber has come up with two proposals in the past few days, which create a separate category for ride-sharing companies. The Liberals are under intense pressure from their own youth wing and from the Coalition Avenir Québec to accommodate Uber.

[via CBC News]