RCMP Collects $6,624 in Fines From Distracted Drivers in a Two-Day Blitz

In a recent two-day blitz between Feb. 28 and March 1, traffic officers from the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP collected $6,624 in fines from distracted drivers after issuing 18 violation tickets for use of an electronic device while driving, the Cowichan Valley Citizen is reporting.


Officers, who set up at various locations throughout the greater Duncan region, issued 18 tickets at $368 a pop. The blitz aimed at cracking down on Motor Vehicle Act infractions also led to the issuance of 9 distracted driving warning tickets.

During the event, police also began an investigation under the Criminal Code of Canada for a driver who was under a driving prohibition but was found to be driving. RCMP noted that the drivers are responsible for their actions while driving and should be aware of the laws that apply under the Motor Vehicle Act in British Columbia:

“Distracted driving is taken very seriously by the RCMP,” said Insp. Chris Bear, an officer in charge of the detachment. “By using your electronic device [while] driving, you are selfishly taking away your full attention and jeopardizing not only your safety but those of your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.”

The police are also reminding registered owners of vehicles that they are liable for those who they permit to drive their vehicles.