Reddit Officially Launches in Canada with Dedicated Sales, Support Teams

Reddit has today announced it is finally opening its doors in Canada by officially launching in the market with dedicated management, sales, community, and engineering teams, and ambitious plans for growth. 

Reddit canada

“Canada is the natural next place for Reddit to establish a new, on-the-ground presence,” notes Reddit, adding that it is home to the company’s third largest user base after the U.S. and U.K. and is growing by 40% year-over-year. 

Reddit’s Canadian team based in Toronto is already partnering with local entities, establishing programs for community engagement, servicing local Canadian brands and marketers, and is managed by Reddit’s Head of International, Tariq Mahmoud, who was at the helm of Reddit’s 2020 expansion to the U.K.

“Canada is already home to a deeply engaged Reddit audience that is growing steadily by the day and it is a top priority for us and our internationalization strategy,” said Reddit’s Chief Operating Officer, Jen Wong.

Globally, Reddit brings together more than 52 million Daily Active Users across more than 100,000 communities related to just about every topic — from pets to personal finance and everything in between. In Canada, our users skew young with 59% aged between 18 – 34, and more than 40% of users are female. At 31 minutes a day, Reddit users in Canada spend more time in-app than almost all other social media platforms. 

Reddit says its Toronto team will be committed to helping Canadian brands find their home on Reddit, and will work closely with its global team.