Render Images Imagine What Apple’s Rumoured ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 May Look Like

According to a new report today, suggestions hint instead of launching a “deep blue” coloured iPhone 7, Apple will return to a darker shade, closer to black. The new colour has been dubbed “Space Black.”


A blog post released by 9to5Mac shows a few render images of the “Space Black” iPhone 7 posted by community members. Keep in mind that the shade of black used on the renders may not be the exact shade that Apple picks for the iPhone 7.

Apple is expected to release the next-generation iPhone 7 this fall. The upcoming handset will reportedly be equipped with a bigger iSight camera, an all-in-one Lightning connector, an upgraded A10 processor, and a 256GB storage tier. The iPhone 7 Plus is rumoured to sport a dual-lens camera.