iPhones with Aftermarket Batteries are Now Eligible for Repairs by Apple

Citing an internal Apple document obtained through “reliable sources”, French site iGeneration (via MacRumors) is reporting that Apple has officially allowed repairs of iPhones with aftermarket batteries installed by third-party repair shops at the Genius Bar and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs).

Iphone battery icon

Previously, Apple had instructed the Genius Bar and AASPs to deny service of any kind for an iPhone with a third-party battery, regardless of the circumstances. But now, Apple has told its service providers that if the repair is unrelated to the battery, they may ignore the third-party battery and proceed with the iPhone repair service as normal.

Furthermore, if the repair is related to the battery itself, the Genius Bar and AASPs are now permitted to replace the third-party battery with an official Apple battery for the standard fee:

Before starting the repair, the Genius Bar must drain the third-party battery to less than 60 percent of a charge.

If the iPhone’s battery tabs are broken or missing, or there is excessive adhesive, the Genius Bar and AASPs are permitted to replace the entire iPhone for only the cost of a battery replacement at their discretion.

Apple’s new repair guidelines went into effect last week and should apply at all Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers worldwide.