Report Confirms iPhone 5 Will Support Both GSM & CDMA Networks

Apparently a source at TechCrunch has confirmed that the upcoming iPhone 5 will carry support for both GSM and CDMA networks in a single handset, allowing users to switch seamlessly between the two wireless network technologies. According to the source, who requested to be kept anonymous and offered solid proof supporting his claim, some select users have registered his developed applications from dual-mode iOS devices i.e a device with support for both CDMA and GSM carriers.

As written by TechCrunch:

The logs show that the app has been briefly tested by a handful of people using what is almost certainly an iPhone 5, evidently running iOS 5, sporting two distinct sets of mobile network codes (MNC) / mobile country codes (MCC). Those codes can be used to uniquely identify mobile carriers.

Sure enough, some registrations for the app – which the developer also asked not to be named – were logged from a new Apple device, using the MNC/MCC codes from both Verizon and AT&T.

This is actually great news for users living in countries with CDMA carriers who frequently travel abroad as they won’t need to carry along a separate GSM handset ever again. As TechCrunch says, an iPhone that supports both CDMA and GSM in a single device, will truly make it a ‘world phone’ or a ‘global phone’.