Report: iOS and Android Users Have Different Budgets and Tastes When it Comes to Travel


According to a new report from MarketWatch, iOS and Android users have different budgets and tastes when booking a vacation.

Travelers who use an iPhone are more likely to spend more money on their vacation. Most users are willing to spend 25 percent ($32/night) more than a typical Android user.

According to a survey conducted by Trivago (including the past 12 months), the average iOS user spend $166/night for their hotel, while Android users spend an average of $134/night.


Both iOS and Android users pick Las Vegas as their number one choice, however there are some differences. New Orleans only appeared on the top ten list for iOS users, while Anaheim only appeared on the top ten list for Android users.

“While 40% of both Apple and Android users first expressed a preference for three-star properties when searching for hotels, 29% of Android users ultimately opted for two-star properties after first searching for a three-star hotel, the survey found, while 36% of Apple users favored hotels with four and five stars. Apple users preferred hotels with an average guest rating of 80%. Android users were a bit less fussy and settled for a 78% rating.

Those using an iPhone generally tend to be bigger spenders than their Android counterparts. During the 2014 holiday season, the busiest retail time of the year, Apple iOS users averaged $97 per order, compared with $67 for Android users, a difference of 44%, according to the Digital Analytics Benchmark, a real-time analysis of millions of online transactions from 800 retailers conducted by IBM.”

Android phones are typically sold at a wider price range than iOS devices. The report notes that iPhone users are less price sensitive, while Android users tend to look for deals before making a purchase.