Maberly Residents Urge Rogers to Keep Cell Tower Away from Town

Concerned that Rogers could build a cell tower within 400 metres of their community, some residents of Maberly, Ontario, are urging the telecommunications giant to rethink its cell tower proposal. According to CBC News, Rogers plans to build the tower on a hill overlooking the town to enhance the wireless service in the area.


Although studies published over the past 15 years have been unable to show any connection between exposure to radiofrequency (RF) signals emitted by cell towers and increased cancer risk, a longtime Maberly resident seems to disagree.

“It’s basically 400 metres from the whole village,” said Lloyd Scott, whose home would sit beneath the tower at 472 Maberly Elphin Rd. “The radiation, from what I’ve read, is 100 times greater within that 400-metre range.” Scott also said that township council is “sincerely concerned” about what Maberly residents were bringing forward and would not give Rogers “a clear go-ahead”.

In a letter to the township, included in the staff report, Rogers argued building the tower on the proposed site would enhance wireless service in the area.

The report suggests one possibility would be for Rogers to “co-locate” their tower with a similar Bell tower east of Maberly. If that proves impossible, Rogers should report “the results of physical monitoring of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields every two years.”

“A division of the government of Canada, from my understanding, may have the final say. They could put it through,” Scott said.

A meeting of the council has now been set for Jan. 22 to further debate the tower issue.