Review: AV/USB Cables for iPhone from

There are times when you want to watch your iPhone videos on a full-sized TV, and certainly there are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the most simple is by getting a set of AV cables, and plugging it right in.

Today I will be reviewing a set of Audio Video and USB Charge cables from our good friends as


One of the major benefits of having a set of RCA AV cables is that you can take your iPhone anywhere and show off your videos to friends/family, etc. You can share funny/interesting video podcasts without having to gather around the phone, or you can watch any iTunes TV episodes you’ve purchased from the comfort of your living room – easily. When I tested these cables they worked right the first time, and every time. Simple as plugging in a lamp.


Although I happen to have a computer configuration which allows me to watch any videos on my TV, I still found that downloading my daily Yoga Podcast directly onto my iPhone and plugging it directly into my TV was much, much easier. As an added bonus these particular cables come with a USB charge cable built right in, however this cannot be used to Sync your iPhone. Also, it’s fully compatible with most iPods, for those Multi-Apple households.


Although this doesn’t support HD, it’s still a great quick solution for connecting your iPhone to a full sized TV, and the quality is surprisingly good. I definitely recommend these cables if you’re looking for a solution like this. I do wish that it had Sync capabilities, but I rarely want to sync while I’m watching something anyways, at least it can Charge at the same time.

Available at
AV/USB Cables for iPod/iPhone (firmware 2.0+) $17.99
AV/USB Cables for iPod/iPhone (up to firmware 2.0) $8.99