Rogers Cuts SVP of Production for Sportsnet’s NHL Games


Today, Rogers has announced that it is parting ways with Gord Cutler, the senior vice-president of production for Sportsnet’s NHL games.

In a statement, Rogers said that it was eliminating Cutler’s position, moving Sportsnet’s live sports coverage and studio production under the guidance of Rob Corte, the vice president of Sportsnet and NHL production.

“While company insiders said Cutler’s dismissal was a financial move since he was undoubtedly hired away from rival Bell Media’s TSN two years ago with a healthy salary, the timing was extraordinary. No one could remember a network firing its head of production with the NHL playoffs days away.”

Cutler was considered a hiring takeover when Rogers won the 12-year, $5.2 billion NHL deal before last season. Cutler was regarded as one of Canada’s top sports producers, who possesses an incredible amount of hockey knowledge.

Both Rogers and Bell have cut hundreds of staff members across the country in the past six months, and many are wondering whether there might be more cuts to come.

Rogers claims to have made a 10 percent profit in the first year of the NHL deal but, according to the reported structure of the deal, the payments get bigger in each following year. With the current state of the Canadian dollar and the drop in ratings, which was due to a number of factors, including the rebuild of the Leafs in Toronto, Rogers has also said it has taken a hit on ad revenues.

[via The Globe and Mail]