Rogers iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility Online, Hidden.

Sometimes I read Source Code for fun. Today I was doing just that on the Rogers iPhone 4 site and came across quite a find.

Rogers must be getting ready to announce the upgrade policies for the new iPhone as their site already has all the source code to check your upgrade eligibility. Now, I’m smart enough to know what this code *does* but not smart enough to get it to work. I was going to wait till I could get it working to show you, but I thought it would be better to have our readers give a crack at it. If anyone can figure out how to get this Javascript Function to work, outside the Rogers’ site, please email me (ChantelleJoy[a], tweet me (@ChantelleJoytwt) or comment below – I will gladly update this article and give you full credit. [Updated, see bottom]

Here’s what I’ve found:

Button for Upgrade Check;
(This will appear directly above the iOS 4 Button currently on the page)

The Code for the Button, which is currently hidden in <!– / –> tags.
(I’m having issues posting code here, so this is an image – click to see full size)

The code for the form to enter your phone number is also hidden, however it calls to a Javascript function, which is already written in the Source Code of the page:
Here’s a link to the full Javascript code (in .txt format).

As far as I can tell, the ‘/web/portlets/consumer/campaign/upgradeEligibility.jsp’ that this calls to either doesn’t function yet, or is empty. (Like I said though, I’m no expert).

What we do know is that there are three results you could get after entering your phone number:

Congratulations! You are eligible.
Sorry! You are NOT eligible.
Sorry! You are NOT eligible until after XXX*

(*Function defined here, I assume it will be # of months).

As of posting this, the code can be easily viewed by “View Source” on the Rogers iPhone 4 Page. As far as I can tell, the code doesn’t give any specifics on what the upgrade policies are, but I’m happy to be proven wrong if a reader has a more keen eye than me.


Commenter Adam Simms let us know that if you use Firefox and Firebug you can disable the code that is ‘Hiding’ The Form – and submit your number and get a result. However – it was tested with a phone number that is 100% absolutely going to be approved for upgrade (my own), and it gave the “Sorry! You are NOT eligible.” Result. So its very likely the Javascript function is not hooked up to the Customer Database yet.


Rogers has REMOVED the Button Code that I have in the image above (previously it was just hidden).
However, the button itself is still online:

They have also REMOVED the Form Code, so the info above about using Firebug is no longer valid – the form to enter your phone number is outright Gone. (But not the Javascript for the Form – which obviously does nothing by itself anyways).

Someone read my post, that’s sweet. Hi Rogers! *waves*


I, for one, am excited by this! Hopefully we’ll get news any day now!

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