Rogers Seeks to Install 5G Technology in London, Ontario as Part of Pilot Program

Rogers customers in London, Ontario could be getting 5G as soon as this year.

According to a new report from the London Free Press, London, Ontario’s information technology department has asked local politicians to approve a two-year test program between the government and Rogers to install 5G telecommunications technology throughout the city.

The 5G devices, which would be installed at 31 traffic light posts throughout the city, would allow Rogers customers with 5G-compatible devices to access the network. The 5G technology would see users take advantage of higher speeds and improved connectivity,

“What’s so exciting about this is that this creates the capacity for the next generation of really exciting technologies such as autonomous vehicles, IOT or the Internet of Things technology, augmented reality and virtual reality,” said Mat Daley, London city hall’s director of IT services.

“All of those new, exciting technologies require high-speed, high connectivity, all characteristics of 4G-plus and 5G networks,” Daley continued.

The devices would be installed at the commercial plaza at Fanshawe Park and Hyde Park roads, Western University’s campus, and the downtown area around Budweiser Gardens and Dundas Place. The project would come at no cost to taxpayers, as Rogers plans to cover the cost of the initiative.

The project would allow the city to begin adopting a 5G infrastructure and be the first part of London’s “smart city” strategy that aims to “use data, technology and innovative ideas to create innovative solutions for everyday challenges,” reads the report.

“All the new technologies will require higher speed, higher connectivity and lower latency, so the earlier we can invest in this [technology] the better it is for users,” Daley said. “These types of networks create a backbone for those kinds of undertakings.”

While only Rogers customers would be able to take advantage of this pilot program, the city hall’s agreement is not exclusive, so other telecom companies are able to approach the city with their own proposals.

If the project is approved by the city council, the city could see the installation of the technology as soon as this year.