Rogers Quietly Modifies iPhone 3G Price Plans

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With all the recent hoopla regarding Rogers and their iPhone 3G plans, many have asked the question: Has all this negative press made a difference? With recent news that competitors Bell and Telus announcing their new touch screen phones (Samsung Instinct and HTC Touch Diamond), one would think Rogers would act accordingly to keep up in Canada’s exclusive oligopoly-esque mobile carrier trifecta.

Well, it looks as though the tide might be changing for the better–sort of. Just recently, Rogers quietly edited their iPhone 3G pricing page (thanks for all the emails guys!). They are now offering the following “bonuses” to their monthly plans:

*edit* These text messages were announced at the start, I thought they were “new” since the “Bonus” text was added. My mistake, thanks for the reminder guys! This is an example of how Rogers toys with your brain! lol Bonus Sent Text Messages

$60 plan gets 75
$75 plan gets 100
$100 plan gets 200
$115 plan gets 300

BUT THERE’S MORE: New iPhone 3G plans will receive 3 months of unlimited local calling!

Plus, newly added text reads:
“While the iPhone 3G Voice and Data Packages allow you to use this device to its fullest and offer savings over separate voice and data plans, they are not the only options available to you. Other pricing options are available. For example, you may choose to combine one of our new data plans ranging from $30 per month (for 300MB) to $100 per month (for 6GB) with a voice plan.”

In other words, you may use your existing monthly plan with the iPhone 3G and add these separate data plans instead of opting for the iPhone 3G plans (they make this extremely confusing to understand). I think that’s what they are trying to say (does anyone else despise the Rogers website?! It’s so hard to navigate!).

Speaking of messages that we need to send to Rogers, here is a special message to Ted Rogers–from a puppet. We are not responsible for the content of this video–it was produced by an angry Rogers customer!

Another Rogers iPhone Data Petition was great as it got tonnes of media attention and well over 30,000 signatures. However one flaw was that anyone could sign it multiple times. Well, the following online petition is hosted through and currently has over 9400 signatures. Check it out and sign away! TalkCast is Moving to–soon

Our moderator iBog is testing out for tonight’s talkcast. going to be hosting tonight’s Talkcast via TalkShow still. So check it out tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST. With so much that happening lately regarding the iPhone 3G, this should be another fantastic episode!

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