Rogers Tweaks Wireless Plans in Shift Towards US-Style Pricing

Rogers has recently tweaked some of its high-end wireless plans. According to a report from The Globe and Mail, the move could lead to more US-style pricing that separates the cost of the phone with the cost of the monthly plan.

The telecom changed the price of their 10GB data plan to $130 across the board, regardless of whether you are signing a contract or bringing your own device. Previously, the company charged customers about $15/month less if their brought their own device.

The price changes do not extend to smaller data packages, but Citigroup analyst Adam Ilkowitz said that this could be a step in that direction. In a statement, Ilkowitz said:

“I think this is something that bears watching on how the market reacts, competitors react and how it develops over time.”

In the US, carriers often pay for the cost of the smartphone and allow customers to finance the cost over the two years, and also setting a separate price for the wireless service.