Rumour: ‘iPhone 5’ Has 1GB RAM, LTE, NFC, Still in ‘Engineering Verification Test’ Phase

Boy Genius Report has published a story that claims the next generation iPhone is not in its production phase yet, countering what we’ve heard from previous reports. BGR claims the an Apple product goes through various phases before it is manufactured such as “engineering verification test” stages and the “design verification test” phases. The ‘iPhone 5’ is in its third EVT stage.

Their source points out the following engineering and design phases for reference of previous iPhones:

  1. Verizon iPhone 4: This hit the EVT2 stage in mid-November, hit EVT3 the last week of November, and got up to DVT2 in late December.
  2. iPhone 4: The unit that was lost in a San Francisco bar was in DVT stage in late March, and had hit EVT2 by mid-February of 2010.

OK, so the current iPhone has not made it to its final production phase. So what else? BGR notes the have received ‘confirmation’ test units currently have 1GB of RAM and LTE radios along with NFC hardware, all slated for a late September or early October release.

So what we’ve learned from this report is the next iPhone…isn’t ready yet. Which we have suspected all along, right? We do know that it will have a thinner and possibly larger screen, though.