Rural Canada’s Mobile Networks Offer Faster 4G Speeds Than Most Countries

According to Canada’s Mobile Network Experience report for May 2020, rural users in Canada on the networks of Telus, Bell Mobility and Rogers have download speeds that surpass those experienced by users in most countries. They also have access to 4G networks close to 90% of the time.

Download 2020

The report also notes that Canadian users saw their download speed experience increase by 40.1% in the past year. In rural Canada, the report found that those on Telus and Bell Mobility’s networks saw dramatic jumps in their download speeds. 

Canada’s rural users on Telus’ network saw their download speeds increase by 70.7% in the first quarter of 2020 as compared to the first quarter of 2019 and our rural users on Bell Mobility’s network saw their download speeds jump by 53.2% during the same time period.

Astoundingly, rural Canadian users have far better download speeds than users in five of the seven G7 countries in the world.

Speeds for Canadian users on each of the three networks — Bell, Telus and Rogers — are between 20% and 110% faster than the overall speeds of users in five G7 countries. Among the G7, only Japanese users experienced a higher speed than some rural Canadians.

You can check out the full report at Opensignal’s website here.