Samsung to Copy Apple’s Live Photos with ‘Vivid Photo’ Feature

Apple debuted Live Photos with the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, a feature that records 1.5 seconds of video before and after a picture is taken to truly capture the moment. Even though the same was possible before that by using third party apps, the idea really took off when Apple incorporated it into the iPhone’s Camera app. Now, it comes as no surprise that the Korean copycat giant Samsung is also planning to introduce a similar feature.

Samsung galaxy s6 edge press image side

According to a report by Android Geeks, Samsung’s engineers are testing a Live Photos-like feature dubbed as ‘Vivid Photo’ that is supposed to debut with the Galaxy S7 later this year.

He said that the new feature is still under development and that even though Samsung plans to offer it with the Galaxy S7 at launch it might arrive later this year with a software update. As for the name, he said he heard this feature being called multiple ways, from Timeless Photo to Vivid Photo, the latter one being a combination between “vivid memory” and “photo”.

The source claims that unlike Apple’s Live Photos, the Vivid Photo feature from Samsung won’t capture sound with the photo. This way Samsung will allow users to share Vivid Photos directly to Facebook as GIFs.

Samsung is expected to unveiled its next flagship smartphone in the first half of 2016.