Samsung’s Corporate Sustainability Rap Video Couldn’t Get Any Worse [WATCH]

Samsung recently commissioned South Korean rapper ‘Mad Clown’ to come up with a rap video as part of the company’s 2014 Sustainability Report on Talent Management, according to its Samsung Tomorrow YouTube channel.

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Here’s the description for the video:

As the corporate social and environmental responsibilities increase, sustainability does matter for businesses in terms of corporate management. Samsung Electronics has been committed to its sustainable growth in a wide aspects including Human Resources, Shared Growth, Green Management, and Global Social Contribution.

Okay, if that didn’t hit the spot, check out the awkward video below which sounds like it was lost in translation. We’ve transcribed the rap for you to get a better glimpse of what working at Samsung is all about:

Here we go once again Samsung to the rescue
Put wings to your dreams, everyone just listen
Samsung with two hundred eighty thousand humans
40 percent, one hundred twelve thousand women
Don’t have to worry after giving birth, sit back relax no need to work
It’s all taken care of, leave it up to us
Family friendly company with [kindergarten] approval
So many good employments waiting for you
Finding people with great skills and talents too
Sign up for Samsung Software Membership
Have talent for design go to Samsung Design Membership
Samsung is all for diversity
We having that foothold internship for the handicapped
Make your dreams come true, all the possibilities
What you want we can do it all for you
We just lettin our dreams come true
Make you shine, let us smile
Samsung will be there
Global harmony with people, society and environment, Samsung

This made my day. Thank you, Samsung.

In contrast, here’s a video from Apple–while not talking about sustainability–is a corporate message on how they make design decisions:

[via Cult of Android]