Samsung Believes iPod/iPhone Have No Role in Evolution of Portable Audio

Samsung has today published a so called editorial on the evolution of portable audio devices titled “Music becoming my life”, and while it attempts to shed light on the history of portable music players, it simply jumps from cassette players to the company’s (flopped 40MB) YEPP MP3 Player, completely forgetting there was this thing called the “iPod”, which supposedly revolutionized the era of portable digital music. 

Samsung 2

The Korean company not only forgets to mention Apple’s iPod, but also skips straight from YEPP to smartphones, not even mentioning the iPhone and how it changed the whole concept of music: “Starting in 2006, as smartphones became more prominent, and featured a music player function, MP3 players started to phase out.”


So guys, what do you think of Samsung’s “brilliant” timeline of portable music devices?