A Samsung Sponsored Facebook Phone May be in the Works [Rumour]

According to a report by GforGames (via The Korea Herald), a recent meeting between Samsung’s vice chairman Lee Jay-yong and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at Samsung’s headquarters in Korea, Seoul, hints at an apparent collaboration between the two companies over development of a new Facebook Phone. However, there is no official word yet on any new Facebook branded smartphone.

Fb phone

The source claims that an official who attended the meeting has said that as Facebook continues to focus on its social network, “the company is on the lookout for a trustable business partner on the hardware side of things”, and that Samsung may be the right company. It must be noted that the two company CEOs have met for the third time this year. Furthermore, it is reported that the companies have discussed “futuristic business projects”, as officials at Samsung Open Innovation Center in Silicon Valley flew in and participated in the meeting.

“In other words, Samsung and Facebook seem to be cooking something, and it might not be just another “Facebook Phone” (although several media reports from South Korea are claiming that a Samsung-built Facebook phone is going to happen). The resulting products can technically vary from Samsung smartphones pre-loaded with more Facebook applications, to various gadgets other than smartphones (like the Gear VR). Perhaps Facebook is planning to release a wearable of its own which revolves around social interaction, but we’re just guessing.”

Well, do you guys think the world actually needs a Samsung branded Facebook Phone?