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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Suffers from “Bendgate”, Like the iPhone 6 Plus [VIDEO]

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Sick of bend tests yet? Sorry, but we’re not done yet, as Canadian YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has uploaded a new bend test video showing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, bending in the same ‘weak’ spot as the iPhone 6 Plus.

The video is a response to viewers asking the channel put the Note 4 to the same test and to ‘haters’ questioning the legitimacy of his first video, which has garnered over 53 million views since September 23.

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Check it out below:

The Galaxy Note 4 recently was accused of suffering from “gapgate”, a manufacturing defect which the company dismissed instead as a “feature”.

Also, in other news—toast “bendgate” is real too:

What do you think? Should we be worried about the build quality of our smartphones today? Here’s a crazy idea: use your brain and take care of the $1000 super computer in your pocket.

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