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Samsung Looking At a Tougher Galaxy Fold 2

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Samsung may be looking at ways to strengthen the Galaxy Fold 2. The company’s original foldable smartphone ran into multiple issues and continues to be one of the more fragile devices on the market. While innovative, many users have experienced problems in the device’s display, which was a main factor in the initial release delay.

TechRadar caught wind of a story from LetsGoDigitalwhich noticed that three trademark applications were recently filed by Samsung. TechRadar translated LetsGoDigital’s story and uncovered that the trademarks were in relation to ”Ultra-Thin Glass”.

Ultra-Thin Glass, as you can imagine, is an incredibly thin screen, 100 micrometres thick to be exact. While at first glance, this may not seem like Samsung’s answer to its foldable screen problem, but Ultra-Thin Glass screens are actually quite durable. UTG screens are also quite resistant to scratching, which the original Galaxy Fold has suffered from.

Ultra-Thin Glass screens have become more commonplace in electronics. The flexible nature of the glass has become quite attractive as more and more companies are finding ways to experiment with foldable and rollable technology.

TechRadar does make mention that the specific trademarks do not mention a Galaxy Fold 2. Although, the trademarks do specify that it can be used for smartphones. Samsung has mentioned the company was seeking an Ultra-Thin Glass screen for its Galaxy Fold 2. This discovery backs that claim.

We likely won’t see a definitive answer until Samsung’s Unpacked event in early 2020.

Samsung Canada currently is selling the Galaxy Fold for $2,599.99 CAD at Samsung Experience stores. The company says the devices are “nearly sold out” and will be restocked soon.

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