Samsung Releases Two New iPhone 5 Attack Ads [VIDEO]

A week ago Samsung released new ads targeting and mocking Apple customers in line for the iPhone 5, and this morning they have uploaded two more slightly modified versions of the first video to their YouTube channel just over an hour ago. The scenario is the same: Apple customers are waiting in line for the iPhone 5, made to look like pathetic losers when suddenly Galaxy S3 users show up to show them what’s really cool.

Check out the videos below and tell me what you think:

Samsung previously released a misleading print ad targeting the iPhone 5. However, when put head to head the iPhone 5 has come out on top in benchmarks, display quality tests, and drop tests against the S3. All of these iPhone 5 ‘victories’ mean nothing to the stereotypical insecure ‘fandroid‘ user though.

Is this a way to target the customers you want to switch to the S3 by making them look stupid? Or is Samsung targeting those people sitting on the fence about whether to jump on an iPhone 5 or S3?