Samsung May Ditch Chargers in Smartphone Boxes, Following Apple’s Rumoured Move

Apple is rumoured to remove chargers (and earbuds) from its upcoming iPhone boxes, and now it appears Samsung may be planning the same.

According to ETNews (via The Verge), Samsung is contemplating axing charges in select smartphone models starting in 2021, in what would result in cost savings.

Below is a Google Translation of part of the ETNews story:

According to the industry on the 8th, Samsung Electronics is considering a plan to remove the charger from the smartphone component with a partner. Details of the timing and method have not been confirmed, but Samsung is expected to exclude chargers starting with some models released next year.

A number of industry officials said, “Samsung Electronics is discussing how to remove the charger from smartphone components with related companies.”

Samsung sells 400 million smartphones annually and the decision to remove phone chargers would not only help the environment, but with smartphone chargers becoming widespread, it’s seen as one way to cut costs. The removal of chargers would also affect the bottom line of suppliers that make the components for Samsung.

Do you still want a charger in the box of your next smartphone purchase? At this point, it’s not really necessary if you’ve had a smartphone for years. But for first time smartphone owners, it’s a necessity and should be included as an option with purchases.